About this site

This site is intended as a resource for anyone interested in cooking vegan food or learning about what vegan eating involves. My aim is to help make vegan shopping, cooking and eating simpler and more enjoyable, in order to help make the vegan lifestyle easier both for vegans and for non-vegans who cook for them.

I hope that this site will be a useful resource, in particular for:

  • non-vegans faced with the ‘task’ of providing food for a vegan visitor
  • new vegans or anyone thinking of becoming vegan looking for ideas on what to eat
  • dairy and egg allergy sufferers
  • anyone wishing to reduce their eco-footprint (vegan diets and those less reliant on animal products have a lower environmental impact than typical omnivorous ones)
  • anyone looking for new recipe ideas
  • people wishing to eat a healthier diet
  • anyone looking for vegetarian recipes that aren’t full of cheese and eggs
  • people aiming to cut down on animal products in their diet for any reason

After I became vegan, I found myself explaining a lot of the same food-related points to relatives and friends (no, most margarine isn’t vegan, yes, some brown gravy granules are vegan, etc.). I thought there must be other people out there in a similar situation; people wanting to (or having to) cook for vegan relatives or friends but not being sure where to start, and new vegans trying to explain to others what they do and don’t eat and reassure their relatives that it really won’t be difficult to feed them when they come over for Sunday dinner, so I wanted to try and compile the information and pointers I’ve learned into a resource that can be accessed by the wider world. Basically I want to show people that cooking vegan food isn’t difficult, vegan food is tasty and varied and providing food for a vegan visitor doesn’t have to be a massive pain in the wotsit…

This site is UK-based, so a lot of the product information included in the site will be particularly relevant to British readers.

About the author

I’m a 28-year-old vegan living in Derby, UK. I’ve been a vegan since 2006 and a vegetarian since 1999. I’m a trainee information professional (that’s librarian to you) and as such I have an interest in collecting, organising and sharing accurate information for the benefit of anyone who wants it.

I enjoy cooking and I’ve found that becoming vegan has helped me to be a lot more creative in my cooking. I enjoy cooking and baking for other people and I suspect that the best way to introduce people to the concept of veganism is through delicious food! I’m also interested in nutrition and I try and incorporate this knowledge into the food I eat day-to-day, but my favourite vegan foods to make for other people are cheesecake, chocolate cake, sausage rolls and chocolate chip cookies…

When I’m not cooking, eating or reading recipe books, I can usually be found playing guitar and fiddle, sound engineering, reading things in foreign languages, going on holiday or to folk festivals, doing coursework, wasting time on the internet or trying to get through all the books I brought home from the library because they looked interesting.

Not-so-recent site news

December 2009: Added information to the vegan christmas dinner page. New pages: vegan alcohol and Quorn substitutes.

October 2009: Updates to the supermarket vegan lists, vegan ready meals, food on the go, vegan options in chain restaurants and vegan food products pages.

24th March 2009: vegan ready meals section updated after my latest trip to Sainsbury's (where I was fairly impressed with the choice of vegan ready meals/veggie burgers etc.) and a link on the further reading page to the UN Environment Programme's recent global food security report The Environmental Food Crisis, which everyone ought to read. Now. Particularly the section on meat production on pages 25-27.

18th October 2008: More bits and pieces, a few more photos and recipes. Updates to the Christmas dinner page, seeing as it'll soon be time to start thinking about it (eek)!

26th August 2008: Bits and bobs, but quite a lot of them. Re-organisation and improvement of the meals and main dishes page (again), more photos added to recipe pages, a few more recipes added, food shopping index page made more user-friendly, further info page revised and updated.

31st July 2008: Photos! I've finally got round to taking photos and adding them to recipe pages and putting some on the front page. Buying a new camera helps. Bear in mind that I'm not a photographer and I don't do clever things with Photoshop, so the photos that are next to the recipes are what it actually looked like in my kitchen and not the result of some clever food styling like you get in recipe books...

29th July 2008: More recipes added to the meals and main dishes and the starters, side dishes and sauces sections. Recipes in both sections have been categorised to make them easier to browse.

18th May 2008: The vegan chocolate section has been updated and expanded.

14th May 2008: I've added more information to the 'eating out' section, including a new page about vegan options in chain restaurants and some more additions to the Vegan Sheffield page, plus sneaking in a couple more recipes and further info links.

1st April 2008: I've improved the ready meals section to make it clearer and add some more information. I have split the previous page into two new pages: ready meals with details of ready-made vegan products and 10-minute meals with ideas and recipes for no-time-to-cook meals.

20th March 2008: I've added some links to carefully-selected (i.e. good) recipe websites, so now you have even more recipes to choose from!

9th March 2008: The vegan breakfast page is now online, plus I've tweaked and added a few other bits.

30th January 2008: I've added a supermarket vegan products list page, with details of which supermarkets provide vegan product lists (and which don't) and how to obtain them.

27th January 2008: I've added a where to find more information page containing links to various vegan-related information resources.

11th December 2007: The baking page is now up and running. Share the three best-ever introductions to veganism :-).

2nd December 2007: Cooking for Vegans goes live! This is brand new website and an ongoing personal project I've been working on for a while now. I will continue to update and improve the site, so it's by no means a finished work (and probably never will be!). I'd love to hear any feedback you have about the site - positive as well as critical :-) - and to know if you've found it useful or if there's anything else you'd find helpful that could be included. If you'd like to, you can contact me here.