Vegan options in chain restaurants

Chain restaurants often have menus and special diets information (sometimes specifying vegan dishes) on their websites, so check the website if you're planning to go to one. If that doesn't help, give the restaurant a call or an email if you want to check that there'll be a vegan option at the place you want to go to. I find that customer services often don't seem to have any information about what goes into their restaurants' food, but the restaurants themselves should be able to help.

This is not a complete list, but here are some that I know about:

ASK: the pizza bases and tomato sauce are vegan, and they will leave ingredients (i.e. cheese) off on request. Vegan menu items (not including customised pizzas!) are: minestrone soup, marinated olives, ciabatta bread, spaghetti al pomodoro, penne del giardino, fusilli pomodoro (kids' menu), mixed salad (side dish) (source: email and vegan list sent by company, October 08)

Las Iguanas: have a few vegan or veganisable dishes, check with your local restaurant.

Nando's: According to their website, the veggieburger and pitta are suitable for vegans if you ask for them without the mayonnaise. The restaurants have a booklet listing all the ingredients in their menu items which customers can look at on request.

Pizza Express: The pizza dough and the tomato sauce are suitable for vegans and they make the pizzas up from fresh so will leave non-vegan items off pizzas on request. Their pesto is not suitable for vegans.

Pizza Hut: The Pan Pizza and The Italian pizza bases and tomato sauce are suitable for vegans and you can order pizzas without the cheese (and add extra vegetable toppings as normal). The online delivery order form lets you select "no cheese" as a topping choice. Some of the starters, dips and salad bar items are also vegan. Vegan list here.

Prezzo: According to a reply I had from them on their Facebook page (Nov 09), the pizza bases are vegan and can be ordered without cheese and the arrosto salad can be ordered without the cheese, and of the starters the house bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and the minestrone soup are suitable for vegans.

Tampopo: Restaurants serving East Asian food with branches in Manchester, Trafford Centre, Leeds, Bristol and London. Vegan options are labelled on the menu and there's even a choice of vegan desserts.

Wagamama: The website has a 'dishes which can be made vegan' list and if you ask the waiters at the restaurant they will bring you a copy of the actual vegan list. When I went to the Sheffield one they also had a couple of vegan desserts (sorbet and fruit ice lollies).

Wetherspoons: They have a sweet potato, spinach and chickpea curry which is labelled as suitable for vegans on the menu, and a new 'curry club' dish, aubergine and spinach dhansak, which is also labelled vegan (served on Thursday evenings). A few of the curry club side dishes are also vegan, plus the spicy tomato pasta. Nutritional info pages here.

Zizzi: the pizza bases and tomato sauce are suitable for vegans (email from customers services Oct 09). Vegan list here.