Shopping for Vegans

This section is a guide to which food products are vegan-friendly and how to avoid the ones that aren't.

Vegan food shopping - an introduction
It's not just about fake meats and trips to the wholefoods shop.

Reading the labels
A vegan speed-reading guide - how to save infinite amounts of time in the supermarket. Non-vegan ingredients to watch out for.

Vegan food products
Learn what specialist vegan products exist, find alternatives to equivalent non-vegan products and find out where to buy them.

Products that look vegan that aren't
A few common products to avoid.

Supermarket vegan product lists
Find out which supermarkets produce vegan lists (and which don't) and how to obtain them.

Vegan ready meals
List of complete ready meals and 'instead of the meat' products sold in various supermarkets.