Some products you might think were vegan but often aren't

(or, "what people I know have been most surprised to learn about food products")

Margarine - people seem to be surprised when I tell them that margarine isn't vegan, so it's gone at the top of the list. Yes, even the ones with pictures of olives and sunflowers on them. It's not vegan unless it says so on the tub.

Dark or plain chocolate - British chocolate manufacturers have an annoying habit of shoving milk into dark chocolate, sometimes it's even one of the main ingredients!

Quorn - just because it's meat-free doesn't mean it's vegan. All Quorn products contain eggs and are therefore unsuitable for vegans.

Many brands of 'veggie' burgers, sausages, etc. - a lot of vegetarian 'meat alternative' products contain eggs and milk.

Fresh chopped herbs/spices in squeezy plastic tubes - some of them contain whey powder. Yes, they can even make herbs be not suitable for vegans.

Worcestershire sauce - contains fish. You can get vegetarian Worcestershire sauce, or if you're anywhere near Sheffield, try Henderson's Relish instead.

Honey - it's an animal product, so vegans don't eat it. The main place to watch out for honey on the ingredients list is in breakfast cereal, as many of them use it as a sweetener. For a honey-on-toast type alternative, try Sweet Freedom.

Some beers and wines - yep, Guinness isn't suitable for vegans... Some beers, particularly real ales, are filtered with fish swim bladders (isinglass) to make the sediment clear faster. Egg, casein (from milk) and gelatine, among other things, are sometimes used to filter wines. Where to buy vegan alcohol.

Crisps - you may not expect salt and pepper flavoured crisps to be unsuitable for vegans... but lactose is often added to crisps to fix the flavour, so beware. On the other hand, you can buy smoky bacon flavour crisps which are suitable for vegans!

Chewy sweets and marshmallows - many of these contain gelatine and aren't suitable for vegetarians or vegans. For those of you missing your fizzy cola bottles, etc., have a look at Goody Good Stuff. Not all of the products are vegan though as some contain beeswax. And for marshmallows: Sweet Vegan