Vegan alternatives to Quorn

Quorn products are not suitable for vegans, as they all contain egg and most of them also contain milk. I've heard several people say that they are vegetarian and would like to go vegan but they rely a lot on Quorn products and don't think they could manage without it.

Now, I know it's not obvious given the world domination thing (mwha-haa-haa!) Quorn have got going on in the 'vegetarian' chilled sections in practically every supermarket (no, make that actually every supermarket) in the UK - but there are plenty of other similar products which are suitable for vegans. No, really. They're just not in the 'vegetarian' chilled section in the supermarket.

Where to find them: a) the 'vegetarian/meat-free' freezer section in the supermarket, and b) your local wholefoods shop or Holland and Barrett. You can also order from online shops such as Goodness Direct if you don't live near any suitable shops or supermarkets.

Some brand names of fillets, burgers, sausages, chunks, schnitzels, mince, etc. to look out for

Sold in supermarkets: Grassington's, Linda McCartney, Goodlife, RealEat, some supermarket own brands (particularly Sainsbury's). Note that in all cases only some of the range are suitable for vegans, but in most if not all cases they will be labelled if they are.

Sold in wholefoods shops/Holland and Barrett: Cheatin' and VegiDeli (Redwood Foods - all vegan), Fry's (all vegan), Vegetarians Choice, Goodlife, RealEat, Taifun.

In particular Redwood and Fry's have an extensive range of products which are all suitable for vegans, it's worth checking them out if you haven't come across them before. Larger Holland and Barrett stores usually have most of their products, or see if your local wholefoods shop stocks them.

Similar products which are suitable for vegans

Fillets, schnitzels: Fry's schnitzels and chicken-style burgers, Grassington's chicken style fillets and beef style peppered steak, Taifun tofu cutlets

Burgers: Fry's (traditional, spiced), Vegetarians Choice, VegiDeli Quarterpound burgers

Bacon: Redwoods Cheatin' rashers

Sausages: Fry's (traditional, braai flavoured, hot dogs), Redwoods VegiDeli (various flavours), Redwoods cocktail sausages, Linda McCartney, Taifun (various - think German!), Vegetarians Choice

Mince: RealEat Vegemince, Fry's mince, VegiDeli mince, some supermarket own brand frozen soya mince

Chunks: Fry's beef-style and chicken-style strips, VegiDeli chicken style pieces, Grassington's beef style meatballs, RealEat chicken style pieces

Chicken nuggets: Fry's chicken style nuggets

Roasts: Redwoods Cheatin' roast beef, roast turkey and Celebration roast, Fry's polony

Slices: Redwoods Cheatin' range (various flavours), VegiDeli sage and onion slices, Taifun slices

Pies: Fry's Veg Express cottage pie, Linda McCartney country pies

There are also various vegetable burgers, bean burgers, nut cutlets, vegetable fingers, etc. which don't have the 'fake meat' feel to them but are just as convenient to store and cook.