Supermarket vegan product lists

Most supermarkets now provide a list of their vegan own brand products, which they will make available either on their website or will send you a copy if you email them.

Sainsbury's and Co-op are pretty good at labelling the actual products as suitable for vegans on the packaging, and M&S are showing signs of beginning to do so.

Please consider emailing the supermarkets you shop at and politely asking them to label their vegan products, if they don't already. Showing consumer demand is one of the most effective ways of encouraging supermarkets to improve their services - in this case not just for vegans but also for friends and relatives who cook for them.


Asda don't currently have an up to date vegan list. I had an email from them in June 2010 saying something about updating their systems and that they hope to have an up to date vegan list produced 'in about six months'. Hopefully there is one on its way.

In another email I had from them, they stated that they don't currently label products as suitable for vegans "because there isn't the demand" like there is for vegetarian labelling. You know what to do... Contact Asda!

There is currenly a vegan list on this page on their website: Asda vegan list but it's from January 2008, so ingredients may have changed in the meantime.


If you contact them, they will email you a list. Co-op are particularly good at labelling their vegan own-brand wines as suitable for vegans.


Don't currently produce a vegan products list. Apparently they "hope to eventually provide this information [vegan suitability] on all our packaging. In the meantime, for specific products that you need information about, we would be more than happy to contact our Suppliers for you. To request this information please write to us at, stating the brand and product name for each item." (According to a response posted on the Vegan Society's Facebook page.)

Marks and Spencer

Vegan product list is available from their website.


Morrison's do not produce a vegan list and have shown no signs of intending to do so in future. I don't want this page to result in fewer people contacting supermarkets to ask if they produce a vegan list, because the common excuse for not providing one is 'lack of customer demand', so please contact Morrisons to request a copy of their vegan list to show that there is demand for one. They now have a contact form on their website. You could also point out that all the other major supermarkets produce a list, as you can see from this page...


The Sainsbury's vegan list is available from their website. Sainsbury's label a lot of their own-brand vegan products as suitable for vegans, which makes trips to the supermarket significantly easier, but not all their vegan products are labelled.


Tesco now produce a vegan products list. Contact them at to ask for your copy.


If you email them, they will send you a list through the post.