10-minute meals

Some almost-instant meal ideas for when you've no time to cook.

Beans on toast
Couscous, tomato and chickpea stew
Flat mushrooms in a bread bun with chilli sauce and salad leaves
Jacket potato with baked beans or houmous
Mixed vegetable stir fry with cashew nuts or tofu pieces
Pasta and baked beans with dried mixed herbs
Pasta and jar of sauce, vegan pesto or stir-through sauce
Quick vegemince spaghetti bolognese
Spicy spinach and chickpeas with rice
Tinned or fresh soup with bread (but watch out for milk and honey in the ingredients)
Vegan sausages or burgers with instant mash, frozen peas and vegan gravy

If you normally use margarine or butter with beans on toast, jacket potatoes or mashed potato, remember to use vegan margarine instead.

Freezable meals

If you're going to be feeding vegans on a regular basis, an alternative 10-minute meal strategy is to make a large quantity of a recipe, freeze it in microwaveable boxes and reheat when required. Instant vegan meal! Chillies, curries, soups and casseroles are particularly good for freezing and reheating.

These recipes work particularly well for freezing: spicy bean and vegemince chilli, lentil and butternut squash curry, leek and potato soup, chunky lentil, courgette and red onion soup, quick vegemince spaghetti bolognese, mixed vegetable dhansak.