Buffet and house party food

Vegan party food ideas for buffets or house parties. I'll keep adding recipes as and when I work out exact quantities for dishes.

Points to remember:

Vegan dishes are also suitable for vegetarians, so by providing a few vegan dishes you've got your vegetarian options sorted too with no extra work.

Include something energy-providing, such as bread, pasta or rice (preferably wholemeal) or potatoes. Tomato and cucumber slices and white bread rolls are not going to sustain anyone through an entire party!

Cold food

Couscous and roasted vegetables
Sosmix rolls

Aubergine tortillia wraps

Cashew nut tartlets

Avocado, tomato and pesto mayo sandwiches
Waldorf salad (with vegan mayonnaise)

Spinach and cream cheese tortillia bites
Avocado, cherry tomato and basil wraps
marinated olives
pasta and vegan pesto salad
vegetable sticks (e.g. peppers, celery, carrots, cucumber) and houmous or dips potato salad
vegan quiches or tartlets
houmous sandwiches with sliced tomato or mixed salad leaves
vegan pâté sandwiches
salads of various kinds (without honey or egg-based mayonnaise in the dressing)

Hot food

vegan pizza
Squash samosas
garlic bread (made with vegan margarine)
chilli (based on beans, vegemince or vegetables)
curry (Thai-style or Indian-style)
lentil or chickpea dhal
vegetable spring rolls
vegetable samosas
soup and bread

Ready-made vegan buffet items

Crisps (check the ingredients as many contain milk)
Houmous or salsa and vegan tortillia chips
Slices of baguette (or other nice bread) and vegan pâté
Fresh fruit (preferably bite-sized fruits like grapes or strawberries)
Bombay mix (usually vegan but check the ingredients)
Cherry tomatoes
Nuts (if not honey-roasted)
Vegan ready-made finger food such as falafel, spring rolls, onion bhajis, samosas or stuffed vine leaves (most supermarkets do these)
Sausage rolls

Sweet items

Have a look at the vegan baking page for some vegan desserts that are more interesting than fruit salad!

Or get a ready-made vegan-suitable dessert such as: Tesco Basics apple pie, Tesco apple, forest fruits and apple and mincemeat strudels, Sainsbury's Basics apple pie, Sainsbury's treacle tart, Co-op jam doughnuts, some of the Mrs Crimble's cakes, Lyon's treacle tart or Mr Kipling's Apple and Blackcurrant pies. You could even get some vegan cream, custard or ice cream to go with them.

And if you're planning a party or other event and are considering booking a ceilidh band, have a look at Cadellin English Ceilidh band - we'd love to be booked for an event where there would be some decent vegan food on the interval buffet!