Cooking for Vegans - Vegan Recipes

These pages contain a range of vegan recipes suitable for various occasions and needs. My aim is to help people discover that vegan meals can be prepared simply and without exotic ingredients, or alternatively can be adventurous and creative, and that both approaches can produce tasty, nutritious and filling food.

These pages are constantly under construction - I keep adding recipes as and when I manage to write them down in a form that will allow other people to follow them.

These pages include just a small selection of the many varied vegan recipes that exist. To help you explore vegan cooking further, I've made a list of recommended recipe books and websites.

All you need to remember is: no animal products!

As well as the obvious not using meat/dairy/egg/honey in the recipe, a couple of other points to bear in mind:

Avoid cross-contamination of vegan and non-vegan foods. If you're cooking meat at the same time as a vegan meal (e.g. meat for a roast dinner and vegan sausages) cook the vegan food where the meat juices won't splash onto it. If you normally roast potatoes in with the meat, cook a few separately in vegetable oil for your vegan and vegetarian guests. Use separate utensils for preparing or handling vegan and non-vegan food or wash them in between each use. This is a food hygiene point as much as anything else!

Check for animal ingredients in all manufactured products you use, such as sauce mixes, margarine, stock cubes or bouillon powder for soups. Really, check the ingredients of everything, you'd be surprised how often manufacturers sneak animal products (usually milk-derived additives) into things. Even if the product you want to use "only has a little bit" of milk powder in it, if it contains any animal ingredients at all it's not suitable for vegans. Have a look at the vegan speed-reading guide for help.

If you're serving alcoholic drinks, make sure they're suitable for vegans.