Indonesian hot and sour curry

I like veganising curry recipes. Many types of curry involve making a tasty (often vegan) sauce and then adding plain lumps of meat, so it's dead easy to replace the lumps of meat with other ingredients and end up with a delicious curry - the creativity and the distinctive flavours are all in the sauce. I often add a vegetable or two to make the recipe into a complete meal.

Serves 2-3

Photo1 block firm tofu (approx 250g)
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp ground turmeric
1 tsp chilli powder

150g baby sweetcorn
4 large or 6 medium-sized vine tomatoes
3 red onions
1 tbsp root ginger
3 garlic cloves
2 green chillies
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp tamarind paste (usually found somewhere near the stir-fry sauces in the supermarket)

Groundnut oil for frying
Noodles or rice to serve

Drain the tofu, chop into chunks and coat with the salt, ground turmeric and chilli powder. Fry for around 10 minutes over a medium heat until the outside becomes firm.

Chop the onions, ginger and garlic. Slice the chillies diagonally into rings and remove the seeds.

Gently fry the onion for around 10 minutes until it has softened. Meanwhile, chop the tomatoes and baby sweetcorn and boil some water for the tamarind paste.

Add the ginger, garlic and chillies to the onions, fry for a minute or so, then add the ground coriander and fry for a further minute.

Add 100ml boiling water to the teaspoon of tamarind paste and stir until it has dissolved. Add the tamarind water, tomatoes and sweetcorn to the onion mixture and cook for 3-4 minutes until the tomatoes have softened.

Add the tofu pieces and cook for 2 minutes to heat them through.

Serve with noodles or rice.