Smoked tofu, red pepper and avocado wraps

These wraps are great as a quick meal at home or as a packed lunch.

Serves 2

1 block (200-250g) smoked tofu
1 red pepper
1 ripe avocado
ground black pepper
4 tortillias

Drain the tofu, pat it dry with kitchen roll and cut into strips. Gently fry the tofu strips for 5-10 minutes until they become firm but not crunchy. Cut the pepper into strips and fry for a couple of minutes until softened. Mash the avocado flesh and add a bit of ground pepper.

Microwave the tortillias for a few seconds to soften them. Spread some avocado mixture in the centre of each tortillia, then add the red pepper and tofu strips.

Fold them however you like - I usually place the ingredients onto the tortillia in a rectangular shape, fold one of the 'long' sides into the centre, then the two shorter ends, then the other long side.

Eat the wraps as they are or heat them in a frying pan for a minute on each side to make them go crispy.

Variation: if you can't find smoked tofu (it tends to be widely sold in Holland and Barrett but not so much in supermarkets), use a block of plain tofu and coat the strips in fajita seasoning or similar mixed spices.