Vegan Breakfast

If you've got a vegan guest staying the night, what can you feed them for breakfast?

Fruit and dairy-free yoghurt
Cooked breakfast

In Britain, the most obvious choice is usually breakfast cereal. Choose a vegan breakfast cereal and a non-dairy milk (e.g. soya, rice or oat milk) or vegan yoghurt to go with it. Non-vegan ingredients to watch out for in cereals are milk, honey and Vitamin D or D3 (vitamin D2 is suitable for vegans, if D3 or unspecified it is probably made from lanolin).

Toast with vegan margarine and/or jam or marmalade.

Vegan pancakes or Scotch pancakes (or possibly crepes or pancakes if you're anywhere other than England). Possible toppings/fillings include: Golden syrup, sugar, lemon juice, maple syrup, raisins, vegan chocolate spread, mashed banana, vegan yoghurt, agave nectar, soft fruit or jam.

Yoghurt and fruit: Plain or flavoured soya yoghurt (look for the Alpro brand next to the dairy yoghurt in the supermarket) with tinned or fresh fruit.

Cooked breakfast: Yes, you can have vegan fry-ups! Tomatoes, mushrooms, toast (with vegan margarine) and baked beans are already vegan, to which you could add vegan sausages, vegan bacon, hash browns or tofu scramble (similar to scrambled eggs). Make sure that the "veggie" sausages and bacon are suitable for vegans, as not all vegetarian brands are.

Toasted oat porridge.

Or for ideas for a special weekend breakfast, get yourself a copy of the recipe book Vegan Brunch.